Ms. S of Camarthen, Fine Rug Keeper

Situation: 15 Persian rugs were affected by ingress water. It was likely that the ingress water had occurred several weeks previous, as mould spores were beginning to form.

Savings Breakdown:

  • Rug value: £135,000.00
  • Clean, treat with anti-microbial, reshape and fine tailor: £4,714.24
  • Net saving for insurers: £130,285.76

Mrs. W of Fishguard, Fine Rug Owner

Situation: Raw sewage back flowed to a depth of approximately 2″ into the property, flooding the entire ground floor. This included a family heirloom, a Persian rug valued at £1,500.

Savings Breakdown:

  • Rug value: £1,500.00
  • Collection/delivery: £65.00
  • Sanitise and swab: £95.00
  • Immersive clean/deodourise £382.50
  • Block and reshape: £127.50
  • Net saving for insurers: £830.00