Rug Insurance Claims

Your rug is priceless, but having it repaired and restored is very affordable.​

Rugs often have sentimental, historic, and artistic value, often making them irreplaceable. Prestige Rug Restoration specialises in restoring rugs damaged in disasters covered by insurance. Customers are ecstatic that they get to keep their rug and the insurance company saves money too.

As a damage management specialist, Prestige consistently educates itself on industry standard best practices to ensure quality that customers love and insurance companies can depend on. Our members even specialise in rug dyeing, an art only practiced by a handful of specialists in the world. Contact us today to get a hassle free estimate.

Case Studies

Mrs. W of Fishguard, Fine Rug Owner

Situation: Raw sewage back flowed to a depth of approximately 2″ into the property, flooding the entire ground floor. This included a family heirloom, a Persian rug valued at £1,500.

Savings Breakdown:

  • Rug value: £1,500.00
  • Collection/delivery: £65.00
  • Sanitise and swab: £95.00
  • Immersive clean/deodourise £382.50
  • Block and reshape: £127.50
  • Net saving for insurers: £830.00

Ms. S of Camarthen, Fine Rug Keeper

Situation: 15 Persian rugs were affected by ingress water. It was likely that the ingress water had occurred several weeks previous, as mould spores were beginning to form.

Savings Breakdown:

  • Rug value: £135,000.00
  • Clean, treat with anti-microbial, reshape and fine tailor: £4,714.24
  • Net saving for insurers: £130,285.76