Rug Reshaping

Fine Persian, Indian, and Chinese rugs can become misshapen when they are exposed to water damage. We can take stretch your rug back to its original and natural even form, known as rug blocking.

Our Seven Step Signature Rug Cleaning Treatment

Every Prestige Rug Restoration job begins with a thorough assessment of your rugs condition and what can be done to restore it to its pre-incident condition. From there we move into the cleaning process where your rug is thoroughly dusted using state of the art machinery. Mechanical vibrations are used to remove non water-soluble particulates from the rug without harming the fine fibres.

After dry soil particulates have been removed, your rug receives multiple immersive cleans where water and specialist rug shampoo is used to emulsify the residual soils and thoroughly clean the rug. This cleaning process helps to restore the rugs colour while also increasing the rug’s longevity.

Once cleaned, the rug undergoes rapid moisture removal which ensures that the rug retains its natural shape. We then brush the rug meticulously to make sure that the pile and fibres are aligned. Lastly we detail the rug with considerable attention to ensure that your rug is in its absolute best possible condition before wrapping it before returning it.