Fine Rug Cleaning

Our 7-step signature rug cleaning process ensures that your rug is thoroughly cleaned, detailed, and ready to stand out in your home or office.

Fine Rug Repair

Whether the rug needs to be patch repaired, sewn, or the fringe needs repairing, we can seamlessly fix your precious work of art and restore it to its near original condition.

Dye Bleed Repair

Our fugitive dye removal techniques that can correct dyes that have run and restore the rug to its pre-damage condition.

Bleach Spill Repair

Using custom dye matching techniques, our specialists can restore the original beauty of faded rugs. In many cases, the value of the rug can even increase.

Bleeding Dye Repair

When acidic fluids are allowed to dry it can bleach and damage the fibres. We can treat and neutralise your damaged rug to deal with odour and colour loss.

Rug Reshaping

Fine Persian, Indian, and Chinese rugs can become misshapen when they are exposed to water damage. We can take stretch your rug back to its original and natural even form, known as rug blocking.