Fine Rug Cleaning is a Process

If you have a fine rug that you would like to keep in your family for generations, proper cleaning is a must. That’s why we use a 7-step signature treatment on every rug that comes through our doors.

Every Prestige Rug Restoration job begins with a thorough assessment of your rugs condition and what can be done to restore it to its pre-incident condition. From there we move into the cleaning process where your rug is thoroughly dusted using state of the art machinery. Mechanical vibrations are used to remove non water-soluble particulates from the rug without harming the fine fibres.

After dry soil particulates have been removed, your rug receives multiple immersive cleans where water and specialist rug shampoo is used to emulsify the residual soils and thoroughly clean the rug. This cleaning process helps to restore the rugs colour while also increasing the rug’s longevity.

Once cleaned, the rug undergoes rapid moisture removal which ensures that the rug retains it’s natural shape. We then brush the rug meticulously to make sure that the pile and fibres are aligned. Lastly we detail the rug with considerable attention to ensure that your rug is in its absolute best possible condition before wrapping it before returning it.

Rug Dyeing Services


Rug colour restoration is the art of using dyes to restore the original color of your rug. 

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If you have spilled bleach on your rug, we can dye the rug to repair the colour loss.

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If your rug has experienced flood damage, the dyes may have run. We can fix this.

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Stains are difficult business for even the best cleaner. Our process goes farther.

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Water Damage Restoration


Water damaged rugs can lead to a variety of problems. In many cases the rug may need severe dye bleed repair. In other cases mould and mildew may take over the rug. At Prestige we will address all water damaged rugs with a thorough clean and an antimicrobial solution to stop further damage. The rug will then be accessed for dye bleed; if there is a need, we will strip the running dyes to restore your rug to its original look and feel.


If your rug has been warped or misshapen by water damage or excessive pressure we can help. To reshape your rug we use a blocking system to systematically stretch the rug to its proper dimensions. Once the rug is dried, we apply starch to help the rug keep its shape and help it to look fresh and clean.

Repair and Preservation

Pet Urine and Deodorising

At Prestige Rug Spa we are specialists in tailoring cleaning to the specific fiber, texture, and area of the world your rug comes from. Our specialized process tailors specifically to Oriental rugs, as well as Chinese, Turkish, and Persian Rugs. 
Stain Removal • Pet Urine Removal • Maintenance

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Sewing and Patching

If you have a rug that has holes or fringe damage, we can sew or patch the rug again. In many cases the the rug may look as though it never had any damage at all. For severely damaged rugs, we can usually patch the rug to a respectable level to allow you to keep your rug. 
Holes • Fraying Fringes• Maintenance

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If you want to increase the longevity of your rug, we can add padding to the bottom of your rug. This adds extra cushion between your foot and the floor, greatly decreasing wear and tear. It can also be used to create an anti-slip seal. 
Increased Traction • Increased Life • Maintenance

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Moth Damage Repair

If your rug has been infested with moth larvae, we will treat the rug to remove the moth larvae. We can then add protectant to prevent against further attacks, and repair any damaged fibres.
Egg Elimination • Damage Repair • Maintenance

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Wales: In Wales, Prestige Rug Restoration currently serves Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bath, Bristol, Carmarthen, and Carmarthenshire.

England: In England Prestige Rug Restoration serves the greater built-up Manchester area including Manchester, Bristol, London, Birmingham, Lancashire, Oldham, Preston, Rochdale, Southport and Liverpool. In the north-west we serve Cheshire, Sandbach, Middlewich, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Tarporley, and Knutsfort.

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